Guest Speaker:  Mass Sec. Vets Affairs Francisco Urena.

President Shaunna O'Connell & Kiwanis Hosts Taunton Area Vietnam Veterans Assoc., VFW, DAV, and Taunton HS  JROTC Cadets  as special LaFamilia Luncheon! 

24 July 2018 Mrs. Rosemary K. Heath

Inspirational Talk:

Mrs. Rosemary K. Heath spoke during the Kiwanis Club Luncheon regarding the positive experiences whi

Mrs. Rosemary K. Heath, with Kiwanis Pres. Shaunna O'Connell.

In 2016, Mrs. Rosemary K. Heath and her husband George A. Heath booth stood to successfully save a young pregnant waitress from being killed by a disturbed individual wielding a knife.

Within 18 Inches of Death:


Mrs. Heath, (Center) with Off Duty Deputy and his wife, a trauma nurse.   He was able to stop the madman from killing Mrs. Heath by shooting him, after her husband George had already been fatally stabbed . 

Making Connections:


During her talk, Mrs. Heath stated that she hoped to be able to deliver her message of being positive to students, and after the luncheon she had a productive talk with  Taunton School Sup.  John Cabral, a Kiwanis Member.

Heath hopes to donate a kidney:


During her talk, Mrs. Heath noted that she is in the process of donating a kidney to a patient needing the organ, in order to keep a promise to her late husband.   Kiwanis Sec. Gene Polanik himself donated a kidney to his sister!   The two had an informative conversation after the meeting.  

Mrs. Heath hosted by Past Pres. Pete


Mrs. Rosemary K. Heath during her appearance on "PETE ON THE STREET" with Past Pres. Pete Mozzone on the TCAM TV Network in Taunton. 2017.



Mrs. Heath is currently completing a book about the life of her late husband, their experience, and her struggle to glean what she calls, "The Positive" out of her dealing with his death.